NEW – Where Are You Now?

Wow it has been a while, hasn’t it? 5 years since my last blog post, have you missed me? I hope so as I have missed you and boy has a lot been going on. 

Inspired by my 3.5 year old twins’ new favorite song Where Are You Now by Lost Frequencies I am back and what better way than to dive right in with this quick update. 

In the last five years life has changed rather drastically for my family and if I am being honest the entire world. I have had many adventures and lessons in love, food, and life. In the LOVE and LIFE areas I think the biggest and most impactful adventure has been our beautiful and amazing twin daughters who were born in January 2019. This rocked our world to say the least. There will be many posts to come sharing this adventure all the good/fun, bad/challenging, and ugly/insanity of twin/new mom life from then to now where mom brain permits (YES IT IS REAL!).

Holiday Festival Jollification, Nassau Bahamas November 2019

FOOD well despite being crazy busy, growing and sustaining little humans, and the entire world turning upside down and staying there for two years we still had food thankfully. Even while locked in our home and with supply chain shortages we were able to order groceries and even takeout online (this was a huge advancement in technology in The Bahamas) and keep things somewhat interesting. I will recap the best of the last 5 years of food adventures, experiments, and experiences bit by bit as they are relevant. I apologize if some topics are post hype or seem dated some things still need to be shared.

Let’s be real the last 2 years have been very bizarre and challenging for us all with lockdowns, social distancing/isolation, extreme challenges with travel (especially with small children), working remotely, big health related decisions and illnesses, and loss. We have made the best of the strange new world and continued to enjoy life the best we could. So, the answer to the original question is simply I am here. I am glad we are now in a place where we are starting to feel some relief and hopefully can continue to get back to whatever normal means for each of us, make amazing memories, enjoy, collect, and share experiences, and eat really good food.

I hope you enjoy these adventures and what is to come as we return to life outside the home and our little island.

For the love of food and life.


Clearly it has been very rough living in our bubble.

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