Spice up your life…….

The Instaworld is filled with awesome foodie information and this is yet another amazing Instagram find. My Instafam is made up of foodies but mostly healthy eating foodies who have the same goals that i do. Makink amazing food that is healthy so that we don’t have to give up on life and all that is good in the world.

Dak’s Spices is a brand of spices that one of my favorite instagrammers marandab6985_lifetimeww raves about so i definitely had to give it a try. Their products are all natural, salt free, preservative free, sugar free (exc. Blackened & Red Mountain), no fillers, no crud, fresh, and packed full of flavor!

My first order was a 4 pack set with Green Zest, Super Greek, Steakhouse and Everything But Tha Salt. It shipped right away and got delivered to my shipping address. There are so many other blends that i am dying to try but i wanted to start small (this is a new theory for me). The other blends that are available are original red, bourbon barrel smoked pepper, lemon pepper, cajun voodoo, citrus groove, kaboom, asian zing, italian blast, taco knight, red mountain rub, bbqueen, blackened, and last but definitely not least butt kickin buffalo. I have also seen that they added a “Limited Time” Pumpkin Spice!!!

Of the four i ordered i LOVE them all, if i had to pick a favorite it would be very challenging. I will say that i have used the Steakhouse the most but i think that is just because i happened to be grilling steaks a few times and i also used it in my sauteed mushrooms and onions for my steaks….. soooooo good! I have used the Super Greek and the Everything But Tha Salt on chicken and pork loved it on both, and the Green Zest i used on fish which was also delicious. I love the fact that you have total control of the salt going into your dishes without sacrificing the flavor.

I will be placing another order with Dak’s A.S.A.P. for another 4 pack or two, this time i think i will go with Asian Zing, Italian Blast, Citrus Groove, Butt Kickin Buffalo, BBQueen, Taco Knight, more Steakhouse, oh and of course Pumpkin Spice! Tis’ the season!!

I will update the blog on my reviews of my second order once i have tried them a few times.

A world without spice would be far too dull, life should be lived FULL FLAVOR!!

For the love of food and life,


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