Actually Edible Low Carb Pasta

Pasta is life!!! A life with no pasta is not an option for me, what is life without joy? What is life without pasta? It’s that serious!

I have tried many ways to keep pasta in my life while trying to get more healthy and get to or maintain a healthy weight. Some attempts have been down right disgusting and hard on the stomach (Shirataki, Ezekiel), some are edible and tasty but nothing like pasta (squash and zoodles), and others are just ok (whole grain, whole wheat, veggie pasta).

Thank you Instagram Fam for leading me to something that is awesome! My dear friends on Instagram, many of which are weight watchers or whole 30 and located in the USA have such a plethora of low fat, low cal, organic, all natural options in their grasp which they share their reviews on. I of course have a harder time getting these item in The Bahamas and generally won’t bother going through the importation drama unless it seems that it may be worth it. It usually starts slowly one person will post that they tried something new, than another tries it and posts, and another and then there is a full on epidemic.

Carba Nada started much the same, i saw one post and thought hmm interesting. Then noticed there were so many people talking about this low carb pasta, based on past experiences with pasta i wasn’t so sure. The posts kept coming and i grew more interested, so of course i had to try them. I placed an order for the 4 pack that contained all 4 flavors of Carba Nada, lemon pepper, egg noodle, basil and roasted garlic fettuccine.

With little confidence that this stuff would actually fulfill my need for real tasting and textured pasta i received my order and rushed home to cook it. It only takes 3 minutes to cook which added to my hesitation but at least i didn’t have long to wait to find out if all of life’s problems had been solved…… I drained the pasta, it looked ok, didn’t look squishy or dry, this might actually work…. tossed it with some sauteed veggies, shredded chicken, peas, garlic, some herbs, a shot of olive oil, a shot of white wine and some parmesan cheese it was the moment of truth….


It was really good! It had a good bite, decent flavor, texture was good, not overly grainy, no funny after taste. I really liked it! I CAN HAVE PASTA AGAIN!!! YES!!!

Of course i had the thought do i only like this because i am so desperate to have a low carb pasta that i like ………………… hmmmmm so i tried it out on a friend and she liked it too. So it was settled it was a great option for when i needed real pasta in a dish. It is not the cheapest pasta you can buy but i don’t think it is unreasonably expensive by the time you order and pay shipping.


I have made several variations with different meats and veggies and have loved it every time, all of the noodle flavors are good and go well with any type of sauce. I have not tried an alfredo sauce with them yet but i can’t imagine it wouldn’t be delicious.


Al Dente Carba Nada Pasta is definitely a staple in my home, i still enjoy zoodles and spaghetti squash but when life calls for a real noodle this is the answer.

Buon Appetito!

For the love of food and life.


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