The Adventures of the Waffalo

One would think that a waffle iron is a one trick pony……………… you make waffles…….. right?

BUT do they all have to be sweet bread like typical waffles? ………………………………………OF COURSE NOT!!!! This is 2017 we break all the rules and challenge all the stereotypes RIGHT?

Introducing the HASH WAFFLE (this is actually a thing) and the WAMELETTE (ok i made this name up). Brace yourselves this is revolutionary………………… well maybe that’s an exaggeration but i am super excited.

You run of the mill waffle iron can make an omelette!! Yes this sounds like it would be a HUGE mess and a total disaster, i too had my doubts but then this happened.IMG_6431

I am constantly on the hunt for easy quite grab and go microwaveable breakfast ideas that aren’t processed store bought items. This is a great one.

Hash Waffle – So a hash waffle is basically hash browns and eggs toasted to crispy perfection in a waffle iron, people add other things like ham and cheese which only make this invention more brilliant. If loving this is wrong i don’t want to be right, hash browns, eggs, cheese and ham in waffle form YES!!!! There are tons of recipes on the world wide web for the hash waffle here are a few for easy access.

Today Show – Hash Brown Waffle

Damn Delicious – Ham and Cheese Hash Brown Waffle

My favorite however is the WAMELETTE (waffle omelette) i try to go easy on carbs from day to day esp during the week so hash browns are not on my grab and go work morning list of things to eat. However following the theory of the hash brown waffle i decided i would convert my favorite ham, cheese and veggie omelette into a waffle. The real trick is not to over do it on the liquid, that is when it gets messy, less is definitely more here. Cut your veggies small so that they get cooked enough and are evenly distributed throughout your wamlette. You are better off making 2 wamlettes for a complete meal than trying to get it all into one. I generally use one egg 2 egg whites, onion, mushrooms, broccoli or spinach, Canadian bacon and some shredded cheddar cheese. I like to beat the eggs and season them to taste put all my veggies and ham and cheese in there and mix it around so everything is coated with the egg mixture. I then spoon it onto the very hot and lightly sprayed with olive oil waffle iron. Make sure it is evenly distributed and the egg is not overflowing off of the iron. Close it up and trust your waffle iron and don’t try to open it before it’s done.


These can be made ahead and heated in the microwave or toaster oven (or regular oven) in the morning as you are running out the door, you could also sprinkle more cheese on top for the melted cheese topping you may love on your omelette, you could even pop pieces between slices of bread to make a wamlette sandwich. The possibilities and combinations you can create are truly endless. This was definitely one of those internet trends that i thought yeah right that would be a disaster but after seeing so many success stories on instagram i am so glad i tried it.

Thank you for joining me on this food adventure.

For the love of food and life.


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