Mermaid Dreams and Frosting

I never considered myself to have any artistic capability at all, but i have always loved dessert. When one of my nearest and dearest friends went into the cupcake business i was overwhelmingly excited………………I LOVE CUPCAKES! I dove head first into building her menu with her as we have always cooked, baked and experimented with food together. When you get two foodies together to create a menu who are very particular about taste, texture, ingredients and presentation amazing things can happen.

Frostings  became well known in The Bahamas for their delicious flavors and combinations. One of the biggest hits that left people raving after it’s introduction at a local annual Christmas festival was the Guava Bliss. Guava is a highly regarded flavor in The Bahamas as we have a local dessert called Guava Duff that any true true Bahamian loves.

Through the years of assisting my friend for big events, large projects, specialty cakes i have suddenly realized i may actually have some artistic talent i just needed to have a food source to bring it to life.

This was one of my all time favorite projects. I am a mermaid fanatic as i think most young girls in The Bahamas are who grew up beaching, boating and swimming. When my cousin approached us about doing an extra special cake and cupcakes for her daughter’s 5th birthday it made my year to say the least. Every detail of this cake was edible and hand made, all the toppers were hand painted. It was a really fun project for a special little girl who was thrilled with the outcome.

If you are ever in The Bahamas and you need a cake or cupcakes you know where to find us.


Rising to a challenge and crushing it is the most fulfilling experience in the world.

Mermaid girls rule!!

For the love of food and life.



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