Experimenting with Balls

Meatballs that is! I’m not really a lover of meatballs, i like them but they are not my most favorite form of meat in sauce. I have a ton of ground turkey from my last bulk shopping trip and needed a new and exciting dinner that both my husband and i would enjoy. We have over done burgers and ground turkey spaghetti sauce. Skinny Taste has an amazing Turkey Burgers with Zucchini recipe that i love so i got to thinking hmmmmmm i bet i can make meatballs out of this. Of course i went all the way in and added a bunch of other healthy items to the mix, i mean why the heck not. I was a bit worried about them falling apart because i wanted to cook them in my instant pot so that i could just put them in and walk away but they cam out perfectly! I even got some chia seeds in there just for fun! You could definitely make this without the instant pot just in a large skillet or pot.  I’ve included my recipe below and a photo of my balls in progress.

Before jumping in the pool of yummy sauce goodness in the magic pot!


For the love of food and life.




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