Western Bagels are Awesome!

I came across a great product through Instagram. Many people following the Weight Watchers program were posting about Western Bagels on a regular basis which peaked my interest. I have tried the thin bagels and the low cal bagels and they have all been pretty disappointing and do not fill the i want bread urge at all.

Western Bagel has quite a few product lines some of with are lower calorie items. I ordered 4 types of bagels and some pitas for my first try of their products. I ordered the original full calorie bagels (240 cal / 7sp per bagel) in cinnamon raisin and onion flavors and the Perfect 10 bagels (160 cal / 3sp per bagel) in everything and healthy grain flavors and the Alternative Pita 2.0 (120 cal / 3sp per pita).

The perfect 10 bagels are full size bagels and feel a little lighter than the full calorie bagels but have a great taste and good bite to them.Who would have thought that you could east bagels and lose weight or keep them in your diet and not gain weight.

So far i have been enjoying the Perfect 10 everything bagel as a sandwich and plan to use the wheat flavor this weekend as a bun for my favorite Skinny Taste – Zucchini Turkey Burgers. I will update the blog with photos of my burgers and the hubby’s review of the full calorie bagels.

Finding ways to enjoy the food i love and stick to a plan is possible.

Live, Love, Eat,



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