Mojo Pork and Cuban Black Beans Instant Pot

Weeks fly by, busy with work and life and trying to get healthier and fitting in exercise. Weekends are the very short breaks that allow us to knock things off our personal to do lists, enjoy a night out, try new stuff and achieve things like starting a blog. Traditional roasted Mojo Pork takes hours of roasting in an oven to produce an amazing meal. In real life who has time for that? In the 90 degree heat of summer who can stand the oven being on for that long? Definitely not this chica!

My secret weapon is the Instant Pot. While it still takes 90 minutes for a 4lb piece of pork not including the time it takes to come to pressure and the 20 minutes to release the pressure naturally the result is amazing, tender, flavorful, piece of pork absolutely falling to pieces in a kitchen that isn’t 400 degrees.

Most recipes call for pork butt/shoulder but i had a pork loin roast so that’s what i used and it worked well. I used dried beans not canned and soaked them overnight. You can buy pre-made Mojo marinade but it’s very easy to make,  i always try to use fresh homemade ingredients when i can, so i made the marinade with fresh citrus. Everything came out great another successful adventure!

When i cook new foods for the first time i usually scour the internet for recipes and sort of make my own recipe based on everything i have learned. I struggle to follow any recipe to the letter without adding something here or there. Here are some of the recipes that i found and used to inspire me on my adventure.

Inspiration recipes: Skinny Taste – Cuban Style Black BeansCurious Coconut – Mojo Criolla (Marinade)Curious Coconut – Mojo PorkIowa Girl Eats – Cuban Pork and Black Beans

For the Love  of Food and Life.




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