Let the adventures begin….. Cuban Food

With the close proximity of the Bahamas to South Florida we visit the very Cuban influenced area of Miami quite regularly. I have always loved Latin flavors with their bright, fresh, bold flavors that dance around in your mouth. A visit to Cuba is defiantly on my list of things to do but until then i can eat my way through Miami.

Mojo Pork is one of my GO TO Cuban meals any time i am in Miami, whether it is a fast on the go meal from Pollo Troical or a more authentic meal from a restaurant or cafe. I absolutely love pork just about any way it is prepared. Mojo Pork is slow roasted, citrus and garlic marinated, falling apart pork amazingness with delicious onions. You can eat it as a  meal paired with delicious flavor packed black beans and rice with either “platanos maduros” sweet fried plantain or “tostones” green fried plantain. You can use it to make delicious sandwiches. Publix Delis in Miami offer Mojo Pork subs it’s a definite must try. In fact Mojo pork is served almost everywhere around Miami it seems to be a staple.

I have experimented in the past with Cuban black beans so delicious and easy to make and also make a healthy version without compromising flavor. Platanos maduros are simply fried very ripe plantains which is commonly served in the Bahamas. Tostones were new to me as i had only had sweet plantains, a little more labor intensive to make but easy to do and delicious. My new adventure this weekend is making my own Mojo Pork i am so very excited and cannot wait to see what the out come will be. Stay tuned for my experience and adaptation of this delicious meal.


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