Life is about passion, adventure and exciting new experiences.


Growing up in the Bahamas in a Bahamian, American, Italian family both eating food and preparing it are passions of mine. New recipes, cookbooks, ingredients, restaurants, and kitchen gadgets are truly thrilling and ignite great excitement in me and inspire great new adventures.

While food and cooking will be a huge part of this blog the life portion of it includes my other loves, travel, crafts, home, fitness and healthy living. A life with such a love for food without the blessing of an ever skinny body has to be balanced after all. I have learned over the years that i must balance the wonderful indulgence of rich decadent soul touching food with equally delicious healthy meals and activity.

One of my favorite projects is making the dishes i love in healthier versions so that i can have them on a regular basis without the guilt. Don’t panic i am a realist and some dishes just cannot and should not be ruined by cutting calories they should be indulged and enjoyed in their amazing true form. We must indulge every now and then to truly enjoy life in my opinion.

Thank you for joining me on my adventures and i hope you enjoy the things i share with you along the way.

For the love of food and life.




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